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Zelenskiys economic guru Germany can

Zelenskiys economic guru Germany can survive without Russian oil I wouldnt want my country facing the shame

guardian London Zelenskiy’s economic guru: ‘Germany can survive without Russian oil: I wouldn’t want my country facing the shame’ The need for independent journalism has never been greater. Become a Guardian supporter:
BiswajitThongam Imphal I convey my heartiest wishes to all the members of Sikh Community on the auspicious occasion of 400th Parkash Purab celebrations of Sri Guru Teg Bahadur Ji. His ideals and values will continue to show us the path of righteousness. Minister for Power, Forest,Environment and Climate Change, Agriculture, Science & Technology, Government of Manipur.

AjaybhattBJP4UK India PM Modi Ji will address the nation from Red Fort on 400th Parkash Purab of Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji. This news fills my heart with joy and pride. PM @narendramodi Ji holds utmost respect for the Sikh Gurus and for the first time an event of such stature will be held at the Red Fort. Union Minister of State for Defence & Tourism, MP(LS) Nainital–Udhamsingh Nagar

nft_sampo Sevilla, España @JosephLucchese @INagotchiNFT @NftMedi @punkboysclub @tropiclegends @A_greener_tmrw @BigBearVC @cryptogamed @greenisginger @crypticism88 @Zekz1x @Home_Of_T @Dutch_1979 @masked_saiyans_ @takeshi_tenma @Millerstration2 @LarvaApes @BattleBudsNFT @Corso52 @JamesDigiJ @Stoned_Tigers Unfortunately Joe you don't get to chose if you're my guru or not.😉😉 The positivity and truth you bring are definitely guru status worthy. 👌 Father of two, full-time English teacher, here to share my passions, #arsenal #nft #NFTCommunity #Bitcoin, #polkadotmaxi #HODL #follow4followback 🐉🦖 💜❤🇺🇦

JosephLucchese Earth, Planet Earth @nft_sampo @INagotchiNFT @NftMedi @punkboysclub @tropiclegends @A_greener_tmrw @BigBearVC @cryptogamed @greenisginger @crypticism88 @Zekz1x @Home_Of_T @Dutch_1979 @masked_saiyans_ @takeshi_tenma @Millerstration2 @LarvaApes @BattleBudsNFT @Corso52 @JamesDigiJ @Stoned_Tigers Morning my guru lol just truthfully love the tech and the community that brings it to life...especially you my man!!! I walked this earth for nearly 33 years before i found my gift, my (happy place)#thankyoujesus-blessed to be a merch creator for #THC
PankajP75253048 Goa, India 1st they fool me saying going to give me valuation of my work. It was conspiracy plan to teach lesson as i said don't want to stay with them. My health is worst, see someone who can help me. Wahe guru Nanak blessings to you'll. i will be greatful to you'll forever in my life. simple kind hearted person

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