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Without him many aspects of

Without him many aspects of my life would have remained unexplored Forever grateful to my Guru Achrekar Sir - he taught us a lot more than one can describe The pain of losing him is immeasurable but I know he is always looking after all of us from his heavenly abode

sachin_rt ÜT: 18.986431,72.823769 Without him, many aspects of my life would have remained unexplored. Forever grateful to my Guru Achrekar Sir - he taught us a lot more than one can describe. The pain of losing him is immeasurable but I know he is always looking after all of us from his heavenly abode. Proud Indian
hvgoenka Mumbai I asked my Guru the difference between ‘SAMAAJ’ and ‘SAMAJH’ ? He replied “In ‘samaaj’ you look to the outside world , full of chaos and turmoil. And in ‘samajh’ you look to the inner world, peaceful and blissful. Chairman - RPG Enterprises. Loves people, food, sports, art.
skepticalzebra My post for @unherd, on Jeremy Hunt positioning himself as an NHS expert, & the short memories politicians seem to have "It’s hard to watch Mr Hunt play the part of a wise public service guru, when his own time as Health Secretary was a cautionary tale" Liberal, left wing. Doctor. Background in philosophy & ethics. Interested in NHS policy. Dislikes wine gums. Occasionally writes stuff. Not an actual zebra.
DiamondJimLowe Barrie, Ontario @dawgbone98 I still chuckle at the thread where he was claiming to be a lacrosse guru, but didn’t even know what a greaser was. I’m still waiting for him to answer my question about his coaching credentials! 1/2 of #DiamondAndCoalConnection, former #400North Tag Champs & the Voice of @BarrieWrestling @bombersjrc & hockey/lacrosse on @RTVBarrie. #DonchaDareMissIt
g27_chndna Hyderabad, India I am who I am because of the amazing teachers I've had since my school days. Thank you. 🙏 This one's dedicated to you. 🙏🙇 ||Gurur Brahma Gurur Vishnu Gururdevo Maheshwaraha Guru sakshat ParaBrahma Tasmai Sri Guruvenamaha || #105daysOfGitaDarshanam #SwamiVivekananda 🙏🌸 |MV33| |DR3| |AS27| There is good out there💫
mwmce Vermont Glad to be working with my longtime friend, collaborator, co-author & political science guru, @joefirestonephd, to explore the application of multicapitalism theory to #MMT. Seems like a perfect fit for the MultiCapital Scorecard! Creator, advocate and world's leading practitioner of Context-Based Sustainability and Multicapitalism | Ex-Big 4 Partner | Devout Kantian Multicapitalist
Guru_OLAF Jamaica Me: This is the year I feel like I need to make amends with certain people in my life Also me: Not you bitch 😒 IG & TikTok- queen.fsp 💗😳. YOUTUBE CHANNEL ⬇️ ⬇️⬇️
vijivenkatesh ÜT: -23.439901,-47.062894 Pandit Kumar Gandharva sings Kabir - Sunta Hai Guru Gyani via @YouTube My morning is transformed as I listen to this great master Region Head,South Asia,The Max Foundation/ Managing Trustee at Friends of Max /the Chai addict behind Chai for Cancer / Trustee with Being Human .
nutanc @passivefool Do you want a subscription to my AI guru bot(@guru_ai) ;) Co Founder/Chief Innovation Officer at Ozonetel($10 million ARR). India's largest cloud communication platform. AI/ML is my latest passion
AlokRanjanjii @sreenindia It really motivated me sir, I will try to imply these 7 qualities in my life, as you have always been a mentor, inspiration,Guru. Keep sharing the positive energy with us❤️ A lion doesn't concern himself with the opinion of a sheep⚔️🤺👑
SeagullBlood Athens, GA @87_Carey Hi Davey, Champ here.. and fantasy guru. Main thing that lead to my success was having the most waived claims by far in the league. Always have a spot open for upside. Penny won my championship for me. Partner at @hotroutepodcast ł #GODAWGS #WashingtonFootball #GoYanks łł 🎮 insider @halo @rockstarenergy
Surgaee @icyJase @hinderedRio @bosnaa6 Like I said my bad BO3 guru @CMG_Esports
yogiinkriya planet earth JANUARY 5 The Guru Birthday of Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda If I don't see you, remember I am working for you in some other place. My seeing you all the time will not necessarily help you. You will receive more by meditating deeply and regularly. I am not here only to In the quest of the Divine in all forms and formless too. Inspired by nature, art and positive thoughts. Life is beautiful enjoy every moment of it.
ATallMountain @SeedOilDsrspctr This describes my friend, always some sort of low-level miserableness, consumes lots of almond milk and eats gluten free. His current health guru is against LA and I am pushing him also.
spank_dick @NickyB4Prez @TheLaurenChen Yeah but which of you has more brain damage, that’s my guru. 00
AdamAdamviii @SadhguruJV U alone R great in the world of fortunate knowledge & u r soon blessed within my words we shall meet my friend SAD 2 sa-y this eartH has had ALL-ot out of guru now wheres my flute GODesses sincerely krishna a.k.a. saint michael iam adam of my love
guru_yng wit d@ gH0u!€$ wondering who I got my rockstar lifestyle from MY OLDER BROTHER demon slayer in training…
balidhaliwalx Vancouver, BC Don’t you dare talk about my Guru’s like that. You clearly have no respect for my Guru’s yet you believe you are allowed to talk on their behalf? Go educate yourself before spewing your shit on here. I would rip your little head off if you were talking like this in person.

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