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This project is a lot

This project is a lot more special coz Im gonna working with my guru my mentor sir againWishing the multi talented all the very bestElated to join hands with you again bro Best wishes to the team

dharankumar_c Chennai, India This project is a lot more special coz I'm gonna working with my guru my mentor #KBhagyaraj sir again.Wishing the multi talented @imKBRshanthnu all the very best!Elated to join hands with you again bro Best wishes to the team @onlynikil @yogibabu_offl @AthulyaOfficial @manobalam Music Producer & Composer

SinghLions My family and I met the Hon’ble Governor of Punjab, Shri @vpsbadnore and presented him a painting of the 9th Sikh Guru, Guru Tegh Bahadur whose 400th Birth Anniversary will be celebrated by the Sikh world in 2021. The Guru is fondly remembered as ‘Hind Di Chandar’. #Sikh #Sikhs Restaurateur. Chocolatier. Sikh. Forbes World Traveller 🌏✈️ Influencer. Instagram: harjinderkukreja - E-mail:

Premgiamaren Chennai, Tamil Nadu Thanks a lot my musical guru @thisisysr 🙏🙏😘😘 தமிழன்

CrunchySopa1 Alice, Texas Now I never do these.. but hell why not this time. this'll be my personal top 10 fav MCs list as of this very sec.. but it truly does fluctuate/change all the time. *it's in no particular order, for except #1: #1.Guru/ KRS-1, Cormega, Masta Ace, E-40, Spice-1, Planet Asia,cont'd Unapologetic but honest in all my assessments.. a big Sports and Hip-Hop Head/Aficionado.. love talking about food/nutrition as well. Fasting/LowCarb enthusiast

xasakurah Singapore And my guru is coming back too! Lesson will resume after 14 days of quarantine and until further notice. Aku nak ketawa tak baik pula kan. 🤭 New acc. 🦋

shank_guru South Sipetown PA/Town Bank NJ My kinda Sunday #capemay Data monkey, Cape May's top deck-sitter, golf gamer and Poppie.

aphiiidus Kentucky, USA My makeup is bad and that's a shake & go buuut I'm not a beauty guru 💅 Lol droop. commentary on a wide variety of garbage topics and people with a bit of humor. atheist. she/her. OLD. SoCk AcCoUnT 🏳️‍🌈 ⚛️

The_Gay_Guru Vancouver, British Columbia So many amazing things have happened to the people I’ve worked with. That’s where my satisfaction comes from .#GayGuru® #NakedGayMen Brian Magian, the Gay Guru helps gay, bi, queer, and questioning, men discover their best lives, and move into them, while having as much fun as possible.

Christe05505504 @andy_mukolo @guru_copy thank you very much I'll get that added to my list.

ematthemoment she/her - bi - 1999 @spicyserafini @sparklingseblos @carlossurname she was my style guru as a kid stan sebby and los for clear skin | #leenerstan

SpiceSpirits My marketing guru and I like to come up with monthly marketing themes—at the very@least it keeps us focused and amused. Next months theme was supposed to be “Sunday Dinner at Grandmas”—promoting porch suppers like our Pink Lemonade and some of my family’s favorite recipes. Hand-selected whiskey, liqueurs, spirits & curated wines. Plus oils, vinegars & spices. Explore & wake up your sassy side!

McParlinStephen Farnham, Surrey @airport_girl Watching the shock pattern on a highly radical wing design emerge during oil flow visualisation runs in the ARA Transonic Wind Tunnel. It was my first shot at wing design, and Dick Jordan, a local greybeard and design guru, patted me on the back when it became apparent. Aerodynamicist, aircraft designer, teacher, photographer, bibliophile, Evertonian, long-term chocoholic and lover of cake. ACGI, CEng, AFAIAA, FRAeS... European

fabsFWD Accra, Ghana Ah. Chisom. This one pain me. My First Class Guru! Ah! I'm so pained! RIP Chisom! LOVER OF YAH| |12th NASS | BUFU_Tv | MAN-UTD | SCORPIO | @WNFoundation_ | BuisnessTycoon | PRIVATE COMEDIAN | iG:@fabsFWD | 1972⚓

GutStrings Toronto @ShrikaanthK @avtansa My grandfather, Krishnaswamy, was affectionately kITTsAmI. Interesting how languages accommodate ष. My old skt guru RKSharma said his family’s Vedic tradition changed it to ख. So पुरुख for पुरुष etc linguistics prof @yorkuniversity, historical phon/dev speech perception, Californian in Canada, collector of old Hagström guitars and older Carnatic 78s

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