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Thanks a lot my musical

Thanks a lot my musical guru

Premgiamaren Chennai, Tamil Nadu Thanks a lot my musical guru @thisisysr 🙏🙏😘😘 தமிழன்
GaneshMPYC Mumbai, India Congratulations to my mentor and guru always inspiring Shri. @kcvenugopalmp ji on being nominated to Rajya Sabha from Rajasthan President-Mumbai Pradesh Youth Congress. INC MLA Candidate from Mumbai Sion Koliwada assembly. Film Distributor and Exhibitor.
arya_offl Chennai, Tamil Nadu Hahaha .. thank you so much My Guru 🤗🤗🤗😘 Sports is life 😊💪👍
earlyyearshelin London, England @EYFS_TfW_Guru Emma, that's my work account 🤩 MCCT|FE lecturer|EY|IQA|Assessor|NNEB|Pearson & LBWF award winner|Former NHS Wellbeing Lead. Views my own. Creator #EYtwittertagteam community of practice
reading_guru India life continually flows through my fingertips, like fortune through a talisman - Sanober Khan, Turquoise Silence Avid Reader. Blogger | Tweet my thoughts, posts, and the best of what I read - books, tweets, articles | Read. Learn. Enjoy.
Bravo_Guru Louisiana, USA @JenniferAydin ...cont'd... In my opinion, you actually listened to your peers. Yeah, you cut in every now and then, but everyone did. All's I'm saying is, I didn't tear you another asshole through my TV screen this time around. 💗BRAVO TV~Guru to all Real Housewife Franchises
retracement Cambridge, UK For my BI guru-level chums: Could you describe the tabular model as a Cube? I'm sure I've heard purists argue against this in the past yet I often see people doing so..... By day a Senior Solutions Architect MSBI, Data Platform MVP, & SQL MCM. Event lead to @sqlsatcambs @spsatcambs @hybrid_vc @sqlea . By night a retrogaming nut...
Saint_Dici Emails on How it's Done ⬇️ 1. 22, in college (I hope this helps you see if a "guru" can’t tell you a story w/ real lessons…they’ve probably never done it) I realized at festivals...girls don't wear plain camelbacks...they don't cut it Girls care about outfits & the gram. This is where my idea started 7 Fig E-commerce Founder @vibedration. Former pro surfer. I have REAL credentials to help you with e-commerce.
Bravo_Guru Louisiana, USA @thetinliz @JGSchneid @BravoTV @thetinliz Jennifer never showed interest in a Hampton home until her fucked up visit to Jackie's home... That is my point. Girl, you replied to almost everyone on this thread with an insult. I see your pic in bed with your phone...poor thing! LOSER 💗BRAVO TV~Guru to all Real Housewife Franchises
zhirenz Detroit #dailymechanician When FEAP users ask questions on the online forum, “FEAP Guru” Bob Taylor comes to rescue. Co-author of my go-to reference for FEM, Prof. Taylor helped set the stage for everything — time integration, structural and continuum elements, nonlinear materials. Solid Mechanics Junkie • Marathoner
VictorOlliver UK My other piece of advice to astrologers. Ignore other astrologers. Be your own guru. Gurn in the mirror. PPA-award-winning feature writer. Editor/The Astrological Journal @AstroJourn. Stars: @TheLadyMagazine. Syndication: @Knightfeatures. Insta: olliver_victor
karim2clean @yousefelsaadi @kjibril9 You guys getting awfully offended throwing out the insults 😂 prove me wrong. Show me how crypto has real life value and I’ll gladly delete my Twitter. And you barely started investing, don’t act like a guru when you’re willfully telling strangers to buy crypto 😂😂 twitter part 8. الحمد لله. 🇪🇬
Guru_hoe The Power House Somebody let me know of my maths is off please 🤷‍♂️ Founder of @hoodtapesuk & @balhamballers
dogsharkey @fallon_donal The tech guru at my work just put us on to Microsoft teams too and it seems to be pretty easy to set up to do live video conferencing once you set up an account In a previous life I was ireland's bitchiest cartoonist. slacker. cynic. geek and mad as hell. Since selling my soul to advertising pretty much nothing changed.
patriot_jac Inbetween, KY Well, nut jobs, my top follows: @dogscantwhistle: The Pres/CEO @Meat_Popcicle: The Sage/Guru @zipyourfacehole: The Manager @cappymar: The Liberty Defender @LibertarianRed1: The Twitter Crush Patron saint of cornbread & bourbon Individual rights/liberties. Anti Tribalism. Dems & Reps are two sides of the same coin. Peasant with a pitchfork. #TIT
HemangGSP @MampillyGuru Thanks @MampillyGuru Paul Guru! Saw your tweet and added some to my $MU position. But I have to admit guruji, it’s becoming difficult to click on ‘Buy’ button! 😀 Trying stay strong hand and long!
PLAYER1Rising California, USA @realDonaldTrump #BarterandTrade would save the Economies of the World Sir! This both I and My #Guru Dr. Pillai @PillaiCenter believe it! See I created the #Mazuma which is worth a few thousand to just under $7000.00! These I will sell in bulk and flood the Market buying DEFECEIT