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So just had my arse

So just had my arse kicked in a game of frustration by the Guru its ok Ill be back power to the people LG x

liamgallagher So just had my arse kicked in a game of frustration by the Guru it’s ok I’ll be back power to the people LG x ROCK N ROLL STAR GODLIKE GENIUS ICON LEGEND BIBLICAL OMNIPRESENT NORTHERN SOUL FUNNY CUNT ROLE MODEL MISUNDERSTOOD BUDDHIST JEDI HUMBLE APPROACHABLE LOVER X
davidfrum My fitness guru Nora Mann is posting free Instagram videos to help keep you strong and well in this time of quarantine. All you need: a pair of running shoes and a few square yards of open floor. The results are amazing. Here's Day 1. Author Trumpocalypse: Restoring American Democracy, on sale May 12, 2020. Read more at The Atlantic. Reach me via
NatbyNature Everywhere Fitness guru... back at work on our patio. Check out my IG stories for my videographer skills documenting @TJWilson sweat sesh😜😜😜 TJ politely told me “I’m the talent and you have to shoot around me” lol 😹😹😹 2Pawz’s Mom. Raw Superstar. E! Total Divas🤍 Subscribe to our youtube channel! #TheNeidharts
FF_Drafters @DrBerglyd @roywoodjr @Samer__Ali Yes it was. I was well on my way to becoming an Actionscipt guru
RLNM11 BRA/AUS/ENG-Manchester Here we go online sessions @trainerize , MSK Assessments Telehealth with @rehab_guru and staying at home just doing my thing. #sportrehabilitation #sportrehab #rehabilitation #rehab #clinicassessment #bodyassessment… Sport Rehabilitator and Personal Trainer, married to @Faye_Bamford and father of two boys Cooper & Luca #ilovesports 🇧🇷🇦🇺🇬🇧
Nat_itsme_uk Central London - She/Her @MirrorHer Hun I have fco ppl in my phone book know and worked with some also I’m a lifelong gold one world member ... even I who used to fly 150k a year in and out of hell holes have drawn a blank as have all my flight guru contacts 😞 47yr human, got an upgrade, living with a gorgeous girl in Bankside , humanity & love #lgbt #girlslikeus #transisbeautiful #transtakeover Views own. typos! 😘💖
IndwellingLang Michigan, USA & beyond My truth-teller @natadel76 shared this with me and I found it to have both explanatory and calming power: "That Discomfort You're Feeling Is Grief" —@scottberinato interviews grief guru @IamDavidKessler for @HarvardBiz Mad Scientist of teaching & learning | 1/3 of @QDicitur Podcast | he/him 🏳️‍🌈 joy, health, & justice in education & the world

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