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My post for on Jeremy

My post for on Jeremy Hunt positioning himself as an NHS expert amp the short memories politicians seem to haveIts hard to watch Mr Hunt play the part of a wise public service guru when his own time as Health Secretary was a cautionary tale

skepticalzebra My post for @unherd, on Jeremy Hunt positioning himself as an NHS expert, & the short memories politicians seem to have "It’s hard to watch Mr Hunt play the part of a wise public service guru, when his own time as Health Secretary was a cautionary tale" Liberal, left wing. Doctor. Background in philosophy & ethics. Interested in NHS policy. Dislikes wine gums. Occasionally writes stuff. Not an actual zebra.
insan_honey Following the preachings of Guru Papa, Saint Dr. @GurmeetRamRahim Singh Ji Insan, I celebrated my birthday by spreading smiles on these beautiful faces. Wishing for good health of Guru Papa Philanthropist, Daughter of Saint Dr @gurmeetramrahim Singh Ji Insan. RTs not endorsements.
hvgoenka Mumbai My Guru advised me “Always before you speak, ask three questions to yourself - Does it need to be said ? Does it need to be said by me ? Does it need to be said by me right now ?” #MondayMotivation Chairman - RPG Enterprises. Loves people, food, sports, art.
beffyz Today has also been hard for me with the NP because I’m flashing back to the conversation two Sundays ago. I thought we were done and it’s just suffocating me tonight again. My poly guru and life mate through all of this made me realize it’s because he doesn’t have empathy. Don’t you know I’m no good for you?
RoarinWxters Village hidden in Sadness @cabsbuni My highlight was vs harblu, guru, outlines, violet, and joobie and it was a close game R.I.P. @Dingaaaaaaa1 😭// I like destiny // 18
honeybfly1980 Georgia, I’m not from here Really feel like this jupiter conjunct my moon transit really gonna have me sounding like the happiness guru 🤣🤣🤣 oh well, we all need to find something to be happy about with this current climate. Check out my Tarot Readings on my YouTube Page : Kai Blackman ♊️ ☀️, ♓️ 🌙, ♑️ ↗️
Samy48317005 @meera029 @AboutIndia OMAD (one meal a day) lifestyle here. Mostly fruits, veggies. Occasional indulgence. Hardly need food. Less food=more life energy!! Arnold Ehret, my guru, amongst many others!🙏
NFT_Guru Vancouver, Canada @OmarIbisa @uwucrewnft @sawawse Might have to dip my toes back in to get some art done! I am going to need a few OC's for an upcoming project as well 🤔 #NFT Investor, Influencer, & Content Creator | Founder & Leader of @MTTM_Official ⛩ Bullish on @AxieInfinity @SIPHERxyz
BCD_Guru Checking for my @ParallelNFT merch in my mail everyday Few understand. But everyone shills it. Citizen degen - Dreamer of a DEcentralized GENeration
SoniSangeeta2 #Kabir_Is_SupremeGod Respected Daduji says in his sacred speech that the 1who gave me initiation is my true Guru Kabir Saheb Ji, he alone is the creator of all the universe To know more get free sacred book "Gayan Ganga" Visit on YouTube channel "Sant Rampal ji Maharaj ji" Kabir is god
leena_sujeeun My Guru, HH Sri Sooraj Beeharry says: "Mein nahin houn" ie "I" am not there (in the body) or ego is absent. I love ❤ this best. He is merged with z Universe & Parabrahma, He is not only the body that we see. My question to Him: How to merge with the Universe & Parabrahma?
guru_stu You Know... @CardsChat My ROI is encouraging... Just need to keep learning spots and play.....a lot..... Nothing to see here. Card player fan of round steering wheels and manual gearboxes.
guru_stu You Know... @CardsChat I listen to a hand full of pros...who talk about my stakes, impliment stratigies and play as much as I can... Review and repeat. Its more than a hobbie (I think). Nothing to see here. Card player fan of round steering wheels and manual gearboxes.
Sarakhera1 @LearnNewEachday I am so excited because my spiritual Guru Param Pita Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj's Incarnation month about to come only #2DaysToBirthMonth
su_guru_daisho ❤︎ can be found hissing Good evening my sweet little trash pieces:) I am 22 🌱 Daisho Suguru 🌱 NSFW 🌱 minors dni with nsfw, mun 19 🌿
BatraK9 Guru Arjan Dev Ji Says ~ O, My Lord and Master, I Have Only One Tongue, Which Of Your Glorious Praises Can I Sing? Unlimited, Infinite Lord and Master- No One Can Know Your Limits, Satnaam Wahe Guru Ji, Dhan Dhan Guru Arjan Dev Ji.
meghaarunodayam God's own country @ajeetsi15 @BefittingFacts Nahi... Bahot ache se future padh raha tha yeh guru @BefittingFacts.. So I was asking wheather he/she can read my hand and guess my future too... #astrology INFP • Introvert • classical dancer • IR enthusiast • Quora • YouTube • Old soul • Vegetarian • debator • Bibliophile
healingworx If we can believe it.....YES it is. As my Guru ji says, " Help others achieve what they want in life, be in matter of health, wealth or relationships and you would definitely see the Magic of these things manifesting in your life too. सब एक है!! Hope this serves 🙏 Healingworx inspires people to heal themselves and those around them. Blogs, Videos and Podcast- Everything about Healingworx
aerlgrey check carrd byf I like surfing on pinterest and that time i happened to pass by trickstar. My first thought was: kage hina are an idol now? Lmao (I was on my haikyuu phase that time lol). Waktu itu ada guru ppl bhs jepang so i asked her (i was in high school) trs katanya ini game terus fs ritsu go away
mythili_sunil @FollowingSriSri @SriSri And Guru ji we will get deep rest in meditation. Bless me so that I meditate and meditate 3 times a day. You be there in my life mind and eyes. Let me treand this path and my goal be only you. Let guru grace be with me. Jgd.🙏
Akiliense Toronto @Sane__Thinker @Vicci62 @jennybethm @OANN Nothing that you're saying is making any sense. Apparently my persistence in defending the position that a brilliant idea doesn't establish someone as an infallible guru for life offended you. If it seems narcissistic, you may have an overly broad definition of that. Writer, scientist, musician, openly gay, openly nerd, 40 yrs be-boyfriended 🙂. He/his or generic sey/seir/sem (see link), hij/zijn, il/son, 佢 (嘅), sqélemcw
ScottLowery94 @KrazyKlementine @Clintau24 Update: got to meet the uniform guru, @Clintau24! My Auburn heart is full. Sarcasm & dry humor are my side jobs. Music laced with piano is my drug of choice. Auburn alumnus. #WarEagle
guru_my_world @GuruOfficial please have a look🥺 🖇️•𝐇𝐞𝐫𝐞 𝐟𝐨𝐫 @guruofficial °༉ 💜•김태형
Miss_Cass_87 Finding Me @JustTrynaLaugh My ex? Guru? 🤣 My kiddos, 💜💛Lakers, Melos wife 7️⃣💜Monk and Reaves Mom 💛,💙Seahawks 💚, Post Malone ,💙Dodgers🤍,🖤Kings, Lakers in 5 💜💛
CoachChic Whitman, MA to Tampa, FL Keep on following your favorite #hockey guru -- if you'd like, but it wouldn't hurt if you get an idea of how my way of doing things might be different from all the rest... Hockey instruction & video production via and Inventor & author, Exec Radio Producer
RamanPNG Bhoolokam @rishibagree Due to good sadhu sathsangh was able to continue in my own limited way, shravanam, keertanam and smaranam of Bhagawan Krsna and Guru. Let Sanaatana Dharma prevail!

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