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I decided to take legal

I decided to take legal actions against Kollam MP NK Premachandran for mentioning my name during his press conference with some baseless alegations in connection with the appointment of Sree Narayana Guru Open University Vice Chancellor

riyasdyfi New Delhi, India I decided to take legal actions against Kollam MP NK Premachandran for mentioning my name, during his press conference, with some baseless alegations, in connection with the appointment of Sree Narayana Guru Open University Vice Chancellor. All India President, Democratic Youth Federation of India.
AlluSirish Hyderabad, India Wishing my dear friend, Kottha Janta director and well wisher @DirectorMaruthi a happy birthday and a blockbuster year ahead! Guru.. Ocche samvatsaram prati roju pandaga la undali ani korukuntunna.. Actor. Entertainer. Gemini. A proud Telugu speaking Indian & a global citizen. 🇮🇳
LoganMBooker Athens & Lincolnton, Georgia There’s my defensive guru head coach. #RiseUpATL Co-host of The Morning Show on @960TheRef - Midday news anchor @WGAURadio - Producer: @MattersRadio - 1️⃣,2️⃣4️⃣0️⃣days since I’ve argued with a stranger online
Sarcasm__10 Worldwide My Library Girl MyLovey-DoveyWife💞**! MyBeautiful Dulhan MyValentine I gaze upon all the created beings: without the karma of good actions, what are they given to receive? 🙏🙏 Within the mind are gems, jewels and rubies, if you listen to the Guru's Teachings, even once. 🙏🙏 #Married with that Girl who was with me in #Library ; I write only for my #LibraryGirl ; I Love My Wife💞** ; #FreedomOfExpression ; #article19 ; #article21 #20
GlockedUpGuw0p California, USA My co worker just asked me what a song lyric meant and I explained then she gon say “Rayna knows everything ! She’s a guru “ GIRL WAT LMAO
MaureenHorn15 @MysticSadhguru I sure try to pay my way not weak at all just have things to handle that against me now .You are my Guru for ever An artist self taught always into life to make the best of it...
Guru_Trev Savannah, GA After I clean my room, wash all my laundry, and put on sum anime Monsta World Stoner Ⓜ️🌎Free Dre Free Ghost Free Psych Rip Monsta Ⓜ️ 🌎Rip Josh💯 Rip Cali Rip L.B Rip Nate Rip Benny B 🖤 NY 🖤
xiaobrows the girls and the gays @byeolino thank u my victorian guru they/them...........all's fair in love and war, so die, i guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
MindfulMarilyn Los Angeles, CA #1, The Magician! Manifestation guru with tools from all the elements at my disposal ✨ (she/her) decolonizing wellness & healing transgenerational trauma. Licensed Therapist at A Mindful Way Counseling/Reiki Master/#BlackMessyMindful podcast host
Guru_Hugh Binghampton/Memphis,TN Prayers to Dak!!! Speedy recovery. Hate your injury came against my Giants!!! Pain Is Glory
agrawal_pk BANGALORE, INDIA @SriSri O My Loving Guru ji, please accept my deep obeisance, infinite Pranam, love & thanks. With love - Pravin SPIRITUALIST, BLOGGER, IIT ENGINEER... THIS UNIVERSE IS IN MY DREAM .....SEE - ..Visit - 1/ Shocking facts 2/ 5000th blog
finance___guru Finance Compound, Agartha Rate my drip. #finance opinions my own
A_Research_Guru Boise, ID @IdahoLark @grumpy___spice You nailed the mix. The owners said she was the calm one, lol. Then my daughter FaceTimed me and I could see her bouncing like 6 ft off the ground.😂 she has no idea what she is in for. Hahahahaha ha! Genetic Genealogist Mom/G'ma, a perpetually churning kaleidoscope of Native American, Spanish & European ancestry, green/red chile addict #MBC #stage4needsMORE
TheRealXavierP Cleveland, OH @MylesLGarrett DPOY but he has 1 tackle in my first 4 @EAMaddenNFL games. Fix DL @Equipment_Guru lol Here to talk sports, politics, and military... United States Marine Corps veteran. Married 3 kids. Browns/Indians/Cavs fan
bewbin God's Spare Bedroom @nofeetpics Thanks it’s from india the stone was blessed from a guru on top of a mountain and then set in gold. The inside of the ring has the stone exposed so it’s always touching my skin for good luck My name is pronounced bob-in. 24 . he/him. Visual Artist + Director
katvora georgia. @A_Research_Guru my sweet boy was a rescue so I don’t know what he looked like as a pup so I’m going to pretend he looks like your pup 🥺🥺 basically a cat pics account 🇱🇦 she/her #GT20

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