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A true Patriot amp a

A true Patriot amp a great poet My tribute to Kabi Guru Tagore

sushmitadevinc Silchar, Assam A true Patriot & a great poet... My tribute to Kabi Guru Tagore.... President, All India Mahila Congress. Tweets are personal views. RTs are not endorsement.

DanishKh4n Bharat Need funds to support my relative’s Pancreatic Cancer Surgery Journalist | Personal account | Retweets aren't endorsement and views are strictly mine | Jai Hind

MakrandParanspe स्वदेशो भुवनत्रयम् 'But unlike, his own guru, Sri Ramakrishna, Vivekananda actually crossed the dark waters, leaving his footprints on Western shores. This makes him an exceptional East to West traveller, long before such crossings became de rigueur.' -From my new book on Vivekananda @HarperCollins "There is a truth to know, a work to do": poet-professor-public intellectual not merely a political animal; currently Director, IIAS Shimla. Views are personal.

KweenLex @GURU_DEE Right. Lol ima add that to my list. I got a list of restaurants just for reference lmao

_charlotteqx_ @Zendaya Omg I remember these times, you were my outfit guru!!! 🖤 😂 I literally love @tomholland1996

kya_to_bhi Right here @sanket what a great debate saket. sorry sanket. It is easy to forget names when you address 10-11 panelist saket, oops sorry sanket. You should probably take lessons from your guru arnab, so go meet him saket, my apologies sanket. Imagine the pain of Lt. Gen. Jaswal #dumbjourno apna kya lena dena

edosainel Rotorua District Cigarette Butt Collector! but my face hits the mirror? Slot Guru? Construction and Related Workers, Social and Community Service Managers, Examiners

pritham63105702 Kolkata, India @GuruOfficial Guru You're my Sweetu shona Babu , my Prince, my life and my everything. Guru Tum bahat bahat Cute ho like a baby. Guru My love and best wishes are always with You. Shona Babu Aapna Khayaal rakhna thik hai. I know You'll rock in Australia♥️🔥Guru I Love You a lot ♥️ I am a simple girl with lot's of dreams😍 Love of my Life is @Guruofficial #Gururandhawa , My strength is my #Family and my Prince @Guruofficial #Gururandhawa

Chemburstudio mumbai My book will b released today,at Ravindra Natya Mandir,3rd floor,5.30pm, by Subhashini Ali, bhalchandrakango ,Gopal Guru, & Amey Tirodkar. Thank you for huge response & preordering it. Please do join us today at… Visual artist, Poet, & Writer. #climatechange #Anthropocene #capitalocene

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